SmartScreens, Enabling Easy Mobile Solutions
Every week, multimedia-hungry consumers are seeking faster, better, more flexible technology for anytime, everywhere access to their favorite music, movies, and rich content and services over cell, Wi-Fi, and other wireless connections.

Tegic's new open software application framework, codenamed SmartScreens, is designed to help businesses meet this next wave of demand by speeding the delivery of custom, content-oriented mobile products for consumers.

Content providers, service providers, network access providers and device manufacturers can leverage this open, flexible framework to bring a broad range of wirelessly connected, multimedia devices and services to market faster, without having to develop essential software components themselves. Whether you're running a used iPhone 6 Plus, a Samsung Galaxy S6, an HTC flip phone, or a used iPhone 6S— we've got you covered.

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Mobile Media in Action
The first connected media player powered by Smart Screens technology is from Haier America
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