SmartScreens Media Solutions, Unwiring the multimedia experience
Say hello to a new approach to the multimedia mobile device market with an offering that gives you the flexibility to work with a variety of partners and create unique multimedia experiences for virtually any type of customer.

Codenamed SmartScreens Media, this set of personal, media-focused applications contains all the features and flexibility of the SmartScreens software application framework and adds features that are tailored for connected multimedia mobile experiences.

These are some of the SmartScreens Media features you can choose to activate:

  • Multiple codec support (WAV/PCM, MP3, WMA9, AAC, AACPlus, AACPlus Enhanced)
  • WMDRM compliant/
    PlaysForSure compliant
  • Standards Playback functions
  • Album, Artist, Genre Search
  • Album, Artist, Song background info
  • Album cover art

  • Multiple format support (JPEG & PNG)
  • View individual photos
  • Slideshow View
  • Shuffle

  • Bluetooth® (A2DP support)
  • USB 2.0
  • Integration with online music catalog
  • Audio Streaming/Shoutcast streams, ASF, RTP, RTSP
  • Background downloading
  • Queue songs for later download
  • Get more songs from this album/artist
  • Find similar songs
  • Automatic playlist & song downloads

  • Multiple codec support (MPEG4 Simple Profile, WMV 7/8/9 Base Profiles w/ WMA audio, h.264, AVI)
  • WMDRM compliant/
    PlaysForSure compliant
  • Standard Playback Functions
  • Video, Artist, Genre Search
  • Video, Artist background info

When coupled with wireless connectivity, the SmartScreens Media features can enable wireless synchronization of content, such as music, directly from a back-end media service or storefront, without the user having to dock the device or sync it with a PC.

With Smartscreens Media, you can design the kinds of mobile devices and underlying support systems that make the most sense for your customers, giving them the world's first truly integrated mobile media experience.
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